September 2023 Retreat Announcement
Dear Friends and Students of Tupten Osel Choling (TOC),
Tupten Osel Choling is pleased to announce another opportunity to attend a retreat on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe and receive teachings from Ven. Sogan Rinpoche.

This year's retreat will include select teachings and Empowerment from the Heart Treasures of Sera Khandro Dewé Dorje in addition to emphasizing, from a practice perspective, a variety of sadhanas centering Buddha Shakyamuni, Noble Tara, Chenrezig, Sera Khandro as lama-dakini, as well as the preliminary (ngöndro) practices and training in powa.
Sera Khandro Dewé Dorje:
Sera Khandro’s corpus includes two major cycles of treasure revelations, the Heart Essence of the Dakinis and the Secret Treasury of the Dharmata Dakinis. It also features biographies, profound Dzogchen instructions, and a sizable compilation of personal advice and spiritual teachings given to her students in letters and direct correspondence, her shaldam. In this retreat, Rinpoche will teach excerpts from her shaldam, which enable a unique and direct encounter with the extraordinary realization and wisdom of this special female teacher through connecting with the very personal way she taught her own students. Sera Khandro’s many contributions to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition are seen in the penetrating clarity of her meditation instructions, in the heartfelt narratives of her awe-inspiring personal journey, and in her confidence as a woman who awakened through the swift path of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection. Her life story, expressions of realization, and intimate one-on-one advice to her students exemplify what it means to take everything as the spiritual path and in the process, transcend both samsara and nirvana. The excerpts presented will cover a wide range of topics ranging from the foundational preliminaries of the Buddhist path to more sublime levels of meditation practice.
Ven. Sogan Rinpoche
Pema Lodoe, the Sixth Sogan Tulku, has a special relationship with Sera Khandro and her lineage. The Fourth Sogan Tulku, Sotrül Natsok Rangdrol, was one of the heart sons of Tulku Drimé Ozer, the fifth son of the great Traktung Düdjom Lingpa and Sera Khandro’s prophesied consort and treasure-revealing partner. It was at his invitation that Sera Khandro took refuge at Awo Sera Monastery in Serta, Golok, after the passing of Drimé Ozer in 1924. It was from there her fame as a realized dakini spread, and she became known as Sera Khandro, the dakini from Sera Monastery. 
Serious Dharma practitioners who have a sincere interest in the lineage and teachings of Sera Khandro Dewé Dorje are welcome to attend. This is not a retreat geared toward beginning Dharma students. It will have 4 sessions per day alternating between teachings and practice.  The retreat will be held at the Galilee Episcopal Camp and Retreat Center on the east shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada.  The Galilee Retreat Center and Tupten Osel Choling's board want this gathering to be safe and joyous for all participants, a source of refuge.  Since we believe that we all have a shared responsibility to protect our spiritual guide, Ven. Sogan Rinpoche, each other, and the staff of our hosts at camp Galilee, when the time comes to gather for this retreat, please be sure that you are feeling healthy and are not having any symptoms of illness.
It is recommended that, if possible, participants plan to attend the full retreat. Those planning to attend the full retreat are asked to arrive after 2:00pm on Monday, Sept. 25th, 2023, will enjoy 7 full days of retreat, and will then depart by 12:00pm Tuesday, Oct. 3th, 2023.  

The cost for the full retreat is $1500 per person which includes accommodations and three vegetarian meals. The accommodations are 12 dormitory style rooms, each equipped with a bathroom. In the event that there is an overwhelming response from people wishing to attend, priority will be given to full time participants.

If it is not possible for individuals to attend the full retreat, the cost will be $200 per night per person to stay on site.  Those staying off site must also attend all 4 sessions and the cost to them will be $150 per day.  The guest maps of accommodations and the grounds of Galilee can be accessed  by clicking HERE.  You may also access the Galilee's home page HERE.

There are also 2 tipis onsite (no bathrooms inside) with 2 sets of bunk beds (4 total). We will be allowed to camp in individual tents if we wish.  We are asking for a deposit of half the amount of your costs by August 1st to reserve your place.  Payments can be made by:
To "Tupten Osel Choling" with "Retreat" in the memo line and send to: 
Tupten Osel Choling
℅ Teri Harrigan
2468 Cold Creek Trail
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Through PayPal by clicking HERE .   Select "Retreat" from the list to contribute.  Please check the "I’d like to add to my donation to help offset the cost of processing fees" checkbox.
Additionally, we realize that there may be questions and concerns that you have and need addressed before you can make a final decision.  We are working hard to refine details so please allow a few days for a response.
Best wishes,
Tupten Osel Choling