Letter from Sogan Rinpoche & September 2021 Retreat Information
TOC is pleased to announce an opportunity to attend a retreat and receive oral teachings from Venerable Sogan Rinpoche on the spiritual advice of the great Tibetan treasure-revealing dakini Sera Khandro Dewai Dorje (1892-1940). Sera Khandro’s collected works, contained in seven volumes, include two major cycles of treasure revelations, biographies, profound Dzogchen instructions, and a sizable compilation of personal advice and spiritual teachings given to her students in letters and direct correspondence. In choosing excerpts from this collection to teach, Sogan Rinpoche offers a precious chance to encounter the wisdom of this extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist master whose many unique contributions to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition can be found in the clarity of her meditation instructions, in her heartfelt narratives about an awe-inspiring personal journey, and in her confidence as a realized female practitioner and teacher. The teachings being offered, selections from her vast collection of spiritual advice, will focus on the proper way to engage the Buddhist path in a graduated progression, spanning the preliminaries to the most sublime pith meditation instructions. 
Rinpoche has requested that we print the top three PDFs and bring to retreat.  These are "Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones", "Taking the Vows of Sojong", and "Taking the Vows of Bodhisattva". 
The remaining PDFs are retreat information and logistics, which includes Rinpoche's Letter, 2021 TOC Retreat Outline, Retreat Schedule, and TOC Retreat-What to Bring: 
Taking the Vows of Sojong.pdf Taking the Vows of Sojong.pdf
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Taking the Vows of Bodhisattva.pdf Taking the Vows of Bodhisattva.pdf
Size : 414.036 Kb
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Rinpoche_Retreat_Letter-2021.pdf Rinpoche_Retreat_Letter-2021.pdf
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2021 TOC retreat outline.pdf 2021 TOC retreat outline.pdf
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Retreat Schedule 2021.pdf Retreat Schedule 2021.pdf
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TOC Retreat 2021 - what to bring.pdf TOC Retreat 2021 - what to bring.pdf
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The following section contains retreat logistics: 
  • Sogan Rinpoche requested that we accumulate Tara and Vajra Guru mantras in preparation for the retreat.  
  • It is recommended that participants plan to attend the full retreat. Please plan to remain on site throughout the duration of your participation in the retreat.
  • To protect the health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, please be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before the retreat and bring proof of vaccination to the retreat.  
  • Please bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of your arrival at the retreat.    
  • Everyone is asked to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing while indoors and whenever possible.  
  • The total cost for the full retreat is $1,500. Please submit payment for the remainder of the retreat fees on or before Friday September 10, 2021.  
This retreat will have 4 sessions per day alternating between teachings and practice. On Monday, September 27th, the first full day of the retreat, Sogan Rinpoche is planning to give everyone the Bodhicitta vows. On the 6th full day, which will be Oct. 2nd, 2021, Sogan Rinpoche will perform a White Tara Empowerment from Sera Khandro's Mind Treasures. Those planning to attend this retreat, whether full or part time, are strongly urged to attend the White Tara Empowerment.
As in past retreats, we ask that normal conversation be kept to a minimum with the exception of contact with family members as needed. There will be time set aside each day when talking will be allowed to clarify questions that may arise during the teachings and pertaining to the Dharma.
The retreat will be held at the Galilee Episcopal Camp and Retreat Center on the east shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada.  The Galilee Retreat Center and Tupten Osel Choling's board want this gathering to be safe and joyous for all participants, a source of refuge.  We believe that we all have a shared responsibility to protect our spiritual guide, Ven. Sogan Rinpoche, each other, and the staff of Galilee who have already been vaccinated for COVID-19. To support this during the pandemic, we ask that all be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before the retreat. Please submit proof of vaccination along with your registration. 
It is recommended that, if possible, participants plan to attend the full retreat. Those planning to attend the full retreat are asked to arrive after 2:00pm on Sunday, Sept. 26th, 2021, will enjoy 7 full days of retreat, and will then depart by 12:00pm Monday, Oct. 4th. The initial cost estimate for the full retreat is $1500 per person which includes accommodations and three vegetarian meals. The accommodations are 12 dormitory style rooms, each equipped with several bunkbeds and an adjoining bathroom. The cost could decrease depending upon the final number of participants, but initially we want to be certain to cover all costs. In the event that there is an overwhelming response from people wishing to attend, priority will be given to full time participants.


https://galileetahoe.org/Home - Galilee Episcopal Camp and Retreat Center

There are also 3 tipis onsite (no bathrooms inside) with 2 sets of bunk beds (4 total). We will be allowed to bring our own individual tents to camp in if we wish.
We are asking for a deposit of half the amount of your costs by August 1st to reserve your place.  This is $750 if you are attending the full retreat and paying by check or $767.18 if paying by PayPal (to cover the additionalPayPal processing fees). Additionally, we realize that there may be questions and concerns that you have and need addressed before you can make a final decision.  We are working hard to refine details so please allow a few days for a response. 
The preferred form of payment is by check, but PayPal is also available.


Please email us at info(at)tuptenoselcholing(dot)org for the address to send your retreat registration deposit.
The retreat deposit can also be made through PayPal by clicking HERE and selecting "TOC Retreat" in the dropdown box.
With our gratitude,
Tupten Osel Choling