GALLERY   Young nomad boys study at Bayan Monastery
Recess time outside the small school at Bayan MonasteryThroughout the nomadic regions of eastern Tibet the traditional role of monasteries included a close and symbiotic relationship with the surrounding community of lay people. An important function fulfilled by the monastery was providing elementary education for nomadic children, especially those from poor families.
In keeping with that custom, the monks at Bayan Monastery today offer essential literacy training for over a dozen young boys from the region's nomadic families. Many of the children are from very large families which are struggling to survive from day to day. Even the basics of feeding and clothing their offspring present huge challenges; the goal of educating them is completely out of reach. TOC has helped support the launch of this small school for Tibetan children (where the classroom also serves as the kitchen and at night – the dormitory). Despite the limited facilities, a vital community service is being provided at Bayan.                                    Recess time outside the small school at Bayan Monastery.  
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