September 2021 TOC Retreat
DATE: 09/27/2021-10/02/2021
LOCATION: Galilee Episcopal Camp and Retreat Center on the east shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada.  
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Welcome to our Sangha.  We are a Tibetan Buddhist community following the Teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha under the care and compassion of Sogan Rinpoche, who has generously offered to share his knowledge of the Buddhadharma with anyone wishing to receive it. 
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  • Led by Sogan Rinpoche and Lingtrul Rinpoche and supported by the prayers and generosity of our Sangha, the animal release ceremony was held on May 31, 2021.  Click HERE to learn more about this compassionate activity.  
  • We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear and close friend Dr. Robert Clark; who transitioned from this life on Monday April 19 2021.  Click HERE to read Rinpoche's heartfelt letter to the Sangha.  
  • We are fortunate to share a book on The History of Bayan (Wanyan) Monastery.  This edition is currently in Tibetan but the we also have a brief history of this Sacred Monastery in English.  For access, please click HERE.  
  • Sogan Rinpoche's Autobiography, "Dreams and Truths from the Ocean of Mind" is now available.  For more information, click  HERE
"While I am away, I urge you to study and practice the Dharma diligently. I would also like to recommend that you make an effort to get together and discuss the teachings and do the practices that I have shown you:
Guru Yoga tsok
Shakyamuni Buddha
I would like you to alternate the practices. This will help you to build our Dharma community and support each other's practices so you can grow together as Dharma brothers and sisters."  – Sogan Rinpoche, 11/3/13, Oakland, CA