SAVE THE DATE: Information about Upcoming Retreat
Dear Friends,

Please save the date for our upcoming 2020 TOC retreat. The retreat will be held remotely and EVERYONE IS WELCOME. If you plan to attend, TOC needs information regarding your plan and availability as outlined below.   

DATES:                December 1, 2020 - December 6, 2020

SCHEDULE:        Session 1 - 6:30a.m.- 8:15a.m.
                             Session 2 - 10a.m. - Noon
                             Session 3 - 2:30p.m. - 4:30p.m. 

                             Session 4 - 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. 

Ven. Sogan Rinpoche will conduct talks via Zoom during the morning and evening sessions with the support of a translator, Christina Monson. Through these talks, Rinpoche will delve into and explain the sadanas we practice. During the two midday sessions, participants will practice the sadanas together and engage in group mediation.    

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Sogan Rinpoche recommends that participants attend all sessions of the retreat.  If, however, due to the short lead time, it is not possible for some to attend all four of the sessions, participants have the option to attend just the morning and evening sessions. Part time participants would need to commit to attending ALL of the morning and evening sessions. Rinpoche would like to know who plans to attend the retreat and whether they are committing to attend the full retreat or the part time option.  Also, he shared that participants don't need to be totally silent for the duration of the retreat, but recommends keeping conversations and unnecessary interactions to a bare minimum. Participants are encouraged to keep their minds turned towards the Dharma and to maintain mindfulness and introspection for a more meaningful retreat experience.

We are so incredibly fortunate and grateful to have this opportunity for a virtual retreat and to receive precious teachings from Ven. Sogan Rinpoche. If you would like to attend the retreat, please do not reply to this email. Instead, email the retreat coordinator Ricardo Beato directly at [email protected] by November 1st, 2020. Please let Ricardo know if you will be able to attend the retreat full time or part time. This is a save the date. In the weeks to come, we will share more information including logistics and registration. 
Thank you,

Tupten Osel Choling